Workouts for people with bad knees can help you get back in shape. However, people with bad knees can really struggle to find the balance between managing their knee pain and needing to exercise to stay healthy. So many exercises are off-limits because of their high impact on the knees and the pain that they can cause.


The good news is that, yes, there are workouts for people with bad knees that can deliver the same results as running a mile a day. When you have knee problems, you can find workout options to help get rid of unwanted pounds while building strength.

How to Exercise with Bad Knees When You Want to Lose Weight

Weight management is vital for anyone that has arthritis. If you have an old knee injury that flares up, no one needs to tell you that putting on even ten pounds can come with some painful consequences. Weight control is critical to keeping the pain down.


Thanks to a vast body of research, we know that if you want to lose weight, a cardio workout is one of the best ways to do it. Unfortunately, running, jogging, and other traditional cardio exercises are not options if your knees are bad. Not only can the pain be excruciating, but you can face further damage to your knees.


Luckily, jogging, running, and other high-impact exercises are not your only option. Modified lunges may be an option, but many people with knee problems find squats too uncomfortable. Recumbent bikes can provide exercise with less weight-bearing pressure upon your knees. Swimming is an excellent exercise for joint pain if you have a pool or have access to a public pool.


One low-impact exercise option stands out from the rest—rowing machines.

Rowing Machines

Using a rowing machine takes the strain off your knees. A good rowing machine is completely adjustable, which means you can control how much you flex your knees during the workout. You can even keep your legs straight and still work out. You can control the resistance and quickly work your way up to higher resistance to challenge yourself.


You will find rowing machines in many local gyms or fitness centers, or you can buy a rowing machine for your home and have the convenience of exercising on your own schedule.

Do You Have Half an Hour a Day? Choose a 30-Minute Workout for Bad Knees

We touched on the value of a rowing machine because of its adjustability, but it is a perfect piece of exercise equipment for people with sore knees. You can complete your daily workout in about 30 minutes on a rowing machine, which is even more convenient if you have one at home.


If you struggle to find time in your hectic work or parenting schedule for exercise, a rowing machine can make it a lot easier to get your body back in shape. You will not need to spend hours working out since all you need is half an hour.


Just 30 minutes a day will enable you to strengthen the muscles of your entire body and help you burn calories to lose weight. A rowing machine is

  • Working out and strengthening your core
  • Working out your legs to build quad muscles and strengthen the hamstring, which can help your knee
  • Working out your back, upper body, and shoulders


For full-body workouts for people with bad knees, it is hard to beat a high-quality rowing machine. You can work every area of your body without having to stand on painful knees. Many people love using their rowing devices so much that they spend an hour or more a day working out on them.

Workouts for People with Bad Knees Can Be Life-Changing

Committing to a healthy lifestyle and exercise at any age can improve your life. With regular exercise, you will keep your weight down, feel energized, get your knee pain under control, and start enjoying life more.


Just take that first step! You do not need to give in to your knee pain. Exercise and all the benefits of an active lifestyle will still be available to you if you choose a method of exercise that you can stick with. Workouts for people with bad knees are available through swimming, recumbent biking, and especially with a rowing machine.