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Benefits of Rowing Machines You Probably Didn’t Know About

Most of us have heard of rowing machines. These are the exercise machines that simulate rowing a boat or even rowing as a team sport.

But there are some unusual ways that you might help you in your life.

  • Save you from a life of crime
  • Help you to meet your true love
  • Get a full body workout in one go
  • Rowing machines are flexible in how to work out
  • Cut costs on ongoing gym membership fees
  • Helps you to lose weight


1. Rowing Machines Can Save You from a Life of Crime

judge's hammer


Well, it is true that most people have never been imprisoned. But if it ever happened to you, using a rowing machine while in jail might just turn your life around. Here is the story:

From Robber to Rower, the Journey of a Criminal Turned Athlete


2. Meet Your True Love

couples hands make a heart


Rowing looks like something you do by yourself. But here is an interesting and fun story about a girl and a guy who worked out at the same gym….Now I work out at a gym, and there are a fair number of nice looking women there. But if there is a favorite kind of exercise you can share ideas about, it might just be the ice breaker you need.  Here is the story:



On the rowing machine, I was perfectly positioned to see the entire gym — and him. Months passed before I worked up the nerve to say anything. Turns out he had nicknamed me “rowing-machine girl.” Our first date was a workout in a small lifting room.

After a few minutes of awkward squats, we started talking. Hours later, conversation had turned from physical to mental health, and we were stunned to discover we shared the same therapist. We changed therapists but stuck together. — Clara Green

via Tiny Love Stories: Dog Parades, Rowing-Machine Romance and a Hurricane



While people here at the For-Knees website are especially concerned about their knees, the fact is that just focusing on knee health while neglecting the rest of your body doesn’t make much sense, does it?

Most gym exercises using weights or special machines target specific parts of your body, as well as focusing on either strength or cardio. Rowing machines are an ‘all in one’ way to get stronger muscles as well as exercising your heart.


water rower simulator

Water Rower Simulator: Wikipedia








4. A Rower Allows Different Kinds of Workouts


What Are The Various Workouts That Can Be Done On A Rowing Machine?

As the following article states:

“There are quite a few exercises that can be done on this machine but the workout that I prefer and usually recommend to my clients is the pyramid. In this, you perform a series of exercises followed by an easy recovery phase. Each work phase increases in meters, time and strokes until you meet your maximum, at which point you reverse the work phase back to the beginning. I recommend starting each rowing workout with 5 minutes of easy rowing and finish with 3-5 minutes of easy row to cool down, focusing on slowing down your breathing and heart rate.”

He adds, “Rowing workouts can be measured in terms of meters, time or number of strokes and have a setting between 1-10. Begin with a setting between 3-5.”(2)

via Why Rowing Machines Should Be Part Of Your Fitness Routine


5. Working Out at Home Saves Time and Money on Gym Memberships

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As the article points out:

Since rowing machines give a full workout with one basic exercise, it saves time, energy and money going to the gym.

Get a Full-Body Workout

The rowing machine is the ultimate option for a full-body workout, because it’s one of the few machines that truly works out every major muscle group. You’ll be feeling it in your back, chest, arms, legs, and glutes – plus you’ll get your cardio in simultaneously. There’s no need for multiple machines or various classes, because a single day’s workout really works you out.

Stay Motivated and Have Fun

Make your workout more interesting and enjoyable with virtual scenery. You can turn your indoor workout into an outdoor adventure with any screen or Roku device using GoActive’s virtual fitness channel. Challenge yourself with different scenes and keep your workout fresh.


Photo Credit: 1 By Waterrower CC BY-SA 3.0 or GFDL from Wikimedia Commons

6. Rowing Machines Can Also Help You to Lose Weight

Can you lose weight with just a rowing machine? Why Row?

Those who row say that it’s a great tool because rowing results in longer, leaner physique while promoting fat loss and increasing muscle mass. In addition to a good cardio workout, it also works your legs, back and arms, which is something you don’t typically get from other similar cardio machines.

Rowing also increases flexibility and balance and can even be used in rehab for injured shoulder or back. Plus many athletes using rowing to enhance their performance in other sports because the machines can teach body discipline and help to build a strong core. In particular, rowing is growing among runners who are looking for an effective high-intensity replacement exercise.

If you’re trying rowing out on your own and not at a specialized studio, its important to first be comfortable with proper rowing technique so that you avoid injury. The seat moves and your feet are tied to it, a continuous motion.


via Can you lose weight with just a rowing machine?


So there you have it. Here are six ways that using a rowing machine can simplify your life, save you from a life of crime, find your true love, and save time and money on gym memberships.  If you are over 65 and on a budget, check this article which details 2 of the best inexpensive rowers.

Click here learn about the most popular rower sold in the world, the Concept 2.

While the initial cost may be a bit pricey, so are gym memberships and all their attendant costs. Now, just get a friend or family member to work out as well, and you’ll meet your fitness goals easily.