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Eric Arnow

I am the founder and creator of For-Knees, the magnetic knee compression sleeve, and founder of the For-Knees website. I am now 72 year old. However, I take no medications, and when I checked my Fitness Age, I registered between 37-41

When I am not working on my website, my favorite exercise is pushups (I can do 50 at one set) and yoga, which keeps me flexible and helps my knees. Older man doing yoga





Valentina Colapicchioni, Ph. D. Valentina Colapicchioni, Ph. D.

Valentina Colapicchioni, Ph. D.

I am a Scientific Writer and Researcher in Chemical Sciences. I am Italian but I live in Switzerland, the land of chocolate!

I am driven by the passion to not only produce great Science but also render it accessible to a wide audience. For that reason, I created a scientific blog where I address issues of common interest by communicating in an engaging manner that both academic and non-expert audiences can easily understand. Follow me at!

As a researcher I have been working in several academic institutions across Europe:  CNR – National Research Council (Italy), Centre for Life Nano Science (CLNS@Sapienza) at the Italian Institute of Technology- IIT, Centre for BioNano Interactions (CBNI) at the University College Dublin (Ireland) and the University of Rome La Sapienza where I took an active role in several research projects.

Part of my research is focused on preparative nano-chemistry for diverse range of biomedical applications including development of organic (liposomes, polymers, etc). and inorganic nanoplatforms (silica, quantum dots, etc.) for targeted delivery of drugs, genes and vitamins.

My work aimed at better understanding the interactions of liposome-based nanoparticles with biological fluids after their introduction in the bloodstream. I have also developed several liposome formulations with a distinct skill in killing human prostate and breast cancer cells.

My areas of research are Nanomedicine, Liposomes, Nanoparticle Synthesis and Characterisation, Bio-Nano Interactions, Proteomics, Cancer Therapy, Organic Micropollutants, Chemical Sciences.


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Eric Anderson Eric Anderson, NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist

Bio: When I was growing up, I was the skinny kid. I never got picked for teams in sports. I decided I wanted to build myself up and get bigger and stronger. After succeeding at that, I decided I wanted to help other people become the strongest versions of themselves.
So whether it’s wanting to lift more, have more muscle, or be fit enough to play with your kids or even grandkids, I’m here to help.
Through science-based training and nutrition, you’ll get to where you want to go. And we’ll have a few laughs in the process. If there’s one thing living in Thailand for 7 years taught me, it’s to enjoy the process as well as work hard at it.
Credentials: NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist Social Media Links: website: instagram: moobaastrongmangym facebook: Moo Baa FTS
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