Playing Sports and Engaging in Physical Activity is Fun, but Do It Right


People love sports and heavy activities but don’t factor in the possibility of hurting themselves. Our first priority before starting, is to prevent knee pain and injuries associated with sports. Sports enthusiasts often complain about Knee problems. Some only maintain a healthy physique and but then fail when it comes to taking preventive measures. Fortunately, there are several ways to prevent knee injuries.


Knee Injuries and Their Risk Factors


There are different ways you may suffer from knee pain and injuries. Accidents cay happen every day, even during a supposedly safe exercise. Scientifically speaking, knee pain and injuries occur due to imbalances around your knee muscles. In addition to muscles, knee injuries may occur due to  kneecap pressure. Dislocation of the patella is common, which results from quadriceps (the muscles that surround the knee) imbalances.


Seven Easy-to-Follow Tips to Avoid Knee Problems


Prevent Knee Injuries

swollen knee

It is possible to prevent knee injuries, except for the ones from accidents. You can avoid the problem in terms of your general habits, recreational activities and sports. Make choices that will lessen your risks of having knee stress, by stabilizing your joints.


Given below are the best ways to prevent knee pain and injuries:


Maintain Your Weight


You may have always asked yourself, “How can I prevent knee injuries”? The answer will come from you, apparently. If you have extra weight, more stress will be applied to your knees.  Sometimes it is not about your exercise, but rather, of your weight. This video will prove it to you:


Use the Right Shoes for Training


Wearing the right shoes matters in exercising. Trainers to prevent a knee injury are available and have always been recommended by doctors. Current Opinion in Rheumatology review stated that the right choice of footwear can reduce pain and decrease knee pressure.


Always Warm Up


Warming up is the key to keeping your thigh muscles stretched and prepared for exercises. Moreover, it relieves the knees from pressure and tension on your tendons. You can warm your knees by using an elliptical trainer, by cycling or by jogging. This will not only lessen your knee injury risk but also prepare your cardiovascular system for a strenuous routine.


Choose the Right Exercise.


There are several exercises to prevent a knee injury. It is best that you perform low-impact exercises. For instance, you can use a rowing machine to strengthen your knees without putting much pressure. In addition, you can consider swimming and walking.

Also Remember These


Never Increase Intensity Fast


Do not be too excited and overdo your exercises. Expediting your fitness goals is best done by increasing your routine intensity gradually. You may use the 10 percent rule in exercising. Every week, you may increase your activity repetitions or duration by 10 percent.


Do Not Decrease Your Activity.


You should be building up activity for better health results, and not decreasing. If you worry about your knee pain, be aware that there are knee pain exercises. Exercises for knee pain include knee squats, straight-leg raise, leg cross and step ups.

Prevent Knee Injury with the Right Exercises


  Just as there are exercises for a better knee health, there are also activities that increase risk. Surprisingly, lunges, hurdle stretches and deep squats can cause knee injury.


Consulting a fitness expert or doctor will give you a better understanding of  preventive measures. Bear in mind, that your willingness to prevent a knee injury will also help in maximizing your fitness outcomes. In addition, many professional athletes stabilize their knees with knee supports.