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Many Choices of Knee Compression Sleeves and Supports

Since 2009, the number of  people searching for information about ‘knee pain’ has increased 4x, according to    Google Trends.  One simple solution, requiring no drugs or surgery, is the use of knee compression sleeves.

Knee compression sleeves: steady increase in searches. Source: Google trends

As people get older, more have knee pain. And as people become more internet savvy, they learn new ways to take better care of their knees! (Source: Google Trends)

Knee Sleeves (1 Pair) Support & Compression for Weightlifting, Powerlifting & CrossFit - 7mm Neoprene Sleeve for the Best Squats - Both Women & Men, Black, Medium
For-Knees Magnetic Knee Compression Sleeve Brace (Medium--13-16 inches-- thigh) MEASURE KNEE BEFORE ORDERING|SEE CHART FOR SIZE INFO
Knee Sleeves (1 Pair) Support & Compression for Weightlifting, Powerlifting & CrossFit - 7mm Neoprene Sleeve for the Best Squats - Both Women & Men, Black, Medium
For-Knees Magnetic Knee Compression Sleeve Brace (Medium--13-16 inches-- thigh) MEASURE KNEE BEFORE ORDERING|SEE CHART FOR SIZE INFO
Knee Sleeves (1 Pair) Support & Compression for Weightlifting, Powerlifting & CrossFit - 7mm Neoprene Sleeve for the Best Squats - Both Women & Men, Black, Medium
Knee Sleeves (1 Pair) Support & Compression for Weightlifting, Powerlifting & CrossFit - 7mm Neoprene Sleeve for the Best Squats - Both Women & Men, Black, Medium
For-Knees Magnetic Knee Compression Sleeve Brace (Medium--13-16 inches-- thigh) MEASURE KNEE BEFORE ORDERING|SEE CHART FOR SIZE INFO
For-Knees Magnetic Knee Compression Sleeve Brace (Medium--13-16 inches-- thigh) MEASURE KNEE BEFORE ORDERING|SEE CHART FOR SIZE INFO

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Detailed Reviews


Ultra Flex Athletics Knee Compression Sleeve Support

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The Ultra Flex Athletics Compression Knee Sleeve Support is a very popular sleeve if you have sports related issues. For example, it’s a helpful aid if you need extra support during physical activities such as tennis, cycling, football, soccer, skiing, volleyball or golf.

Likewise, this sleeve would be a good choice if you have swelling, inflammation, stiffness, and soreness. It can also help with jumper’s knee, runner recovery, tendonitis and general muscle recovery. The inclusion of anti-slip silicon makes it perfect for providing  stable compression for daily activities, physical therapy, and even gym activities. Some wraps and braces have a tendency to slip, however, the non slip silicon band prevents that in most cases.

In addition to the healing and recovery aspect, it helps protect and preserve your joints during activities such as strength training.

This product has been top rated by many customers, but for a wider range of attributes than expected. Reading the Reviews can help you get a better idea of whether it’s useful or not, but this is a good choice for the average person. Of course, please note that the Ultraflex support comes in different sizes, so be sure to measure your knee before ordering. See the listing for details.


  • The Ultra Flex Knee Compression Sleeve is under $20 as well making it a budget friendly choice.
  • Comes in a variety of sizes to ensure the best fit.
  • This sleeve comes in 4 different sizes, which makes it perfect for athletes to match up with their teams and favorite sports gear.
  • The double anti-slip silicon helps create an efficient grip so that no activity can knock it down.
  • Combines 3D technology with quality materials to create a product that provides support and pain relief.
  • Lightweight and is made of a blend of Lycra and Nylon, which makes it perfect for 24-hour comfort.
  • Provides preventative care if the user is searching for light physical assistance.


  • This sleeve provides moderate support, so it is not recommended for people that require assistance for heavier activity such as intense weight lifting.
  • The Ultra Flex is meant for mild to moderate knee pain, rather than more serious problems. If in doubt, consult a doctor and measure properly before choosing this type of support.


The Ultra Flex sleeve‘s design is eye catching, and more important is that it gives moderate support for healing or protection from injury while allowing good flexibility. Plus, it’s affordable. For more information or to purchase, go here.


Nordic Lifting Knee  Compression Sleeve: Support for Weightlifting

Knee Sleeves (1 Pair) Support & Compression for Weightlifting, Powerlifting & CrossFit - 7mm Neoprene Sleeve for the Best Squats - Both Women & Men, Black, Medium
  • Knee Sleeves Taking Your Performance to the Next Level - by Premium Weightlifting Brand Nordic Lifting
  • Provides the Best Support for Both Men & Women - Please Check Listing Images for Sizing Chart
  • Compression is Proven to Promote Muscle Recovery & Injury Prevention
  • Perfect for Weight Lifting, Cross Training, Powerlifting, Gym and Other Heavy Fitness Workouts
  • 1 Pair of Knee Sleeves - With 1 Year Free No-Hassle Replacement Guarantee

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If you are into powerlifting, weightlifting and Crossfit, and are looking for compression and support, then the Nordic Lifting Knee Sleeves may be just what you’re looking for.

Both men and women can use this sleeve, which comes in 6 sizes and is sold as a pair.  Here are its basic characteristics:

  • 100% Neoprene
  • Fully machine washable
  • Well suited for squatting exercises
  • Good for both protection and for alleviating pain
  • Heavy workouts will not damage it
  • Good for both men and women


The Nordic Lifting Knee Support has maintained popularity with customers. One of which is its ability to maintain support throughout high impact work, but there are much more.


  • These compression knee sleeves are created with premium materials for durability.
  • They are composed of 7-millimeter Neoprene and reinforced stitching for support.
  • An ergonomic design creates a perfect fit which maximizes performance during play.
  • It comes in a wide range of sizing to cover many shapes and sizes.
  • It is designed to maximize all kinds of physical performance.
  • This device is great for rehabilitative work as well as preventative and supportive measures to help reduce future possible issues.
  • These sleeves help users remain active during healing to avoid static muscle pain. This is crucial to encourage proper healing.


  • This is a heavy-duty support system for people that engage in high stress activities, especially power squats. So it may not be suitable for other activities.
  • A few people noted that the stitching came apart, rendering them useless

Verdict   The Nordic Lifting Knee Sleeve is a great option for those who participate in weightlifting or CrossFit workouts.

This material is thick and may not be comfortable for people that do not need this level of support. Always consult a professional when deciding on rehabilitation options. The price, though, buys you a pair instead of just a single brace.   For more information or to purchase, go here.


For-Knees Magnetic Knee Compression Sleeve

For-Knees Magnetic Knee Compression Sleeve Brace (Medium--13-16 inches-- thigh) MEASURE KNEE BEFORE ORDERING|SEE CHART FOR SIZE INFO
  • BEFORE ORDERING MEASURE 4" ABOVE THE KNEE CAP! If your knee measures 11-13" around, get the small size. If 13-16." around, get the medium size. If 16-18" around, get the large size. Do not order if you have a medical implant.
  • FOR-KNEES MAGNETIC KNEE COMPRESSION SLEEVE offers good support for all your athletic activities. It also has a silicon nonslip grip at the top, to prevent slipping.
  • MODERATE PAIN RELIEF FOR SPRAINS, SORE KNEES, ARTHRITIS. If you have sore knees either from a minor injury, or your knees are just 'worn out', the For-Knees knee sleeve can be helpful. However, if your pain is persistent or intense, please see a medical professional. This knee sleeve is not a medical device and should not be considered a substitute for professional advice.
  • INCLUDES EBOOK. (Available via follow up email) How to reduce knee pain and aid healing
  • HAND WASH WITH MILD SOAP IN COOL WATER. DO NOT MACHINE WASH. This knee sleeve uses Latex fiber and silicon band. If irritation occurs, wear for a shorter period of time or discontinue use.

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For-Knees has produced a knee compression sleeve brace with an innovative design that uses both natural materials such as cotton and latex based yarn, as well as state of the art technology that can help relieve discomfort and pain that stem from injury, normal wear and tear, as well as basic protection during exercise, or simply for those who stand on their feet all day.

Knee Care Product Price Increases

Many medical aid products have been skyrocketing in price, making it difficult for people to find an effective brace within their price range. This brace, however, stays moderately priced, given the expensive hi-tech materials used to make it.  Other reasons this brace has been popular  are as follows:

  • Natural cotton and latex woven yarn, which gives it a comfortable feeling on the skin, unlike most products that are made of synthetic fabric. Some eco friendly customers also like the fact that it minimizes chemical based materials
  • Supermagnets–traditional medicine, both Western as well as Oriental, believe that magnets aid in healing because of the magnetic field which they believe has a positive effect. These are placed at acupuncture points, which are ‘energy meridians’ in the body’s ‘electrical system’.
  • Tourmaline, a semi precious mineral used in making jewelry, is benefiting from modern “nanochemistry”, which activates it so that it acts like a luminous dial watch. Luminous dials collect and store visible light, and are then visible in the dark. Similarly, the activated tourmaline captures and stores body heat, the socalled ‘far infrared’ rays (think of a red hot piece of iron, where you can ‘see the heat’) and reflects it back to warm the joint. First seen in Asian countries like Japan and China, it is becoming more well known and appreciated in the West
  • A non slip silicon band at the top end minimizes slipping, a common annoyance with people who use knee sleeves


So the cotton feels more natural. The magnets aid healing (though there is disagreement on this point.) The tourmaline allows natural body heat to become far Infrared warmth. This natural warmth helps to relieve joint pain, reduce arthritic pain, muscle pain and even counteract stiffness and spasms.   In some cases, it has even been successful in counteracting Raynaud’s Syndrome which is a painful disease that affects the arteries.

For maximum breathability, cotton yarn is also used for most of the brace’s structure. Further, latex yarn increases its flexibility, stretch capability and compression. This ensures a better range of motion. Many knee braces have a stiffer composition, which can lead to further damage depending on the injury.


Use of Supermagnets

These  13 “Supermagnets” were developed in 1984, and have found many uses, because they are much stronger in relation to their size and weight than normal magnets. Composed of neodymium, iron, and boron, these rate around 1,000-1,200 Gauss, this unique alloy makes for more efficient magnets than traditional all iron magnets. Few joint related products use magnets, and some manufacturers skimp on the strength of the magnets to reduce the cost.

You can test these magnets by turning the sleeve inside out. Place a spoon or similar object containing iron near the magnet. You’ll feel a slight pull from the tiny magnets, which presumably have an effect on your red blood cells, which carry the element, iron.

While the idea of magnetic compression knee sleeves is relatively new, it seems to be catching on.


  • This brand provides both support and compression.
  • Unlike the other brands featured here, For-Knees uses cotton and latex, which are natural ingredients as the basis of its unique woven material.
  • Breathable material improves hygiene and general comfort, especially for users that are in motion and on the go.
  • The brace has a clearly marked kneecap area so that the user can best place it. Many braces are a solid color, which can lead to misplacement, leading to further injury.
  • Material is reinforced from top to bottom to help support the comfortable fit. Non slip silicon bands prevent slipping.
  • Tourmaline fiber inclusion does not take away from comfort but rather aids it.
  • Magnets placed at acupuncture points promote and support healthy circulation.
  • It has a thick and tight weave, plus the Tourmaline fiber keep your knee warm.



  • The magnets may cause problems for people who use pacemakers, insulin pumps, have metal implants in their knees, or for women who are pregnant. If any of those issues apply to you, don’t use them
  • They come in two sizes, which fit most people. However, if you have legs that are more than 18 inches around the knee, they may be too tight. Those with very thin legs may find them too loose.

The Verdict   For people looking for a more natural fiber, rather than the synthetic feel of most other knee sleeves, braces and supports sold nowadays, For-Knees is a great choice.

This product is truly ideal for those who either want to protect their knees from injury, who have sore knees due to overuse or wear and tear, especially for those over age 45,  or who are athletes with knee pain and need a boost for healing. Whether it be hiking, walking, jogging, other physical activities such as tennis, golf, basketball, or even indoor activities like yoga, For-Knees are probably suitable. One customer noted that it helped her as a horseback rider.

If you have undergone surgery this can aid your recovery, assuming the surgery was not too radical, such as total knee replacement. It can be helpful in addition to physical therapy.

Before ordering, measure the knee just above the knee cap. Size Small is for those with knees 11”-13” around. Medium/Large fits knees 13”-17” around. For more information or to purchase, go here.


Bauerfeind GenuTrain NBA Knee Compression Sleeve

Bauerfeind GenuTrain NBA Knee Brace - Basketball Support with Medical Compression - Sleeve Design with Patella Pad Gel Ring for Pain Relief & Stabilization (Black, M)
  • SIZING: Unlike neoprene, this brace is designed with a knit material that contours to your knee and requires proper sizing for a correct & effective fit. Make sure to measure points A & B in the sizing chart located in the images and below to receive the proper size. For point A, start 5.5 inches above the knee cap and measure the circumference of your thigh. For point B, measure down your calf from the center of your knee cap 4.75 inches. Measure the circumference of your calf at this point.
  • MATERIALS & FIT: Medical-grade compression is incorporated throughout the GenuTrain NBA Knee Brace for medical & performance effects. Improving blood-flow oxygenates the muscles helping recovery & endurance on the court. The compression may feel tighter than expected & this is normal as most neoprene and cheaper knee supports don't offer this premium tier of material & compression. Straps are no longer needed as the material contours to the curves and muscles in the knee, quads & calves.
  • STABILITY: From crossovers to slam dunks, athletes demand stability and support from their knee joints on the bball court. The GenuTrain NBA Knee Brace effectively stabilizes the knee area utilizing medical grade compression, spiral lateral stays, a viscoelastic patella gel pad and elastic comfort bands to keep the knee sleeve in place eliminating the need for bulky & uncomfortable straps.
  • TRUST: Officially licensed GenuTrain NBA Knee Brace excels in performance and is the preferred solution of the NBATA (National Basketball Athletic Trainers Association). GenuTrain is used on court to support professional basketball players allowing them to play at peak performance. Trust that when you slide the GenuTrain NBA Knee Brace on your leg, you are geared up in professional support to allow you to play basketball at your personal best.
  • PAIN RELIEF: Professional athletes perform at a high level and must rely on their bodies daily to support them in games & training. From pains such as jumpers knee (patellar tendonitis), sore knees, pain, instability and arthritis, professional athletes choose the best product on the market in order to keep their bodies in optimal performance condition and stay active on or off the court. This next level technology is now available to amateurs & basketball lovers to stay in the game pain-free.

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The Bauerfeind GenuTrain NBA Knee Brace has the distinction of being the “Officially licensed GenuTrain NBA Knee Brace [which] excels in performance and is the preferred solution of the NBATA (National Basketball Athletic Trainers Association).

Unlike many of the cheaper sleeves, this one does not use neoprene. Instead it uses a sophisticated woven material made of Polyamide Nylon, Elastane Spandex, synthetic fibers and Lycra. This is important especially for sports like basketball, where sudden turns can cause injury. Therefore, stability is very important. The special weave provides that.

The compression of the fabric helps to promote blood circulation, which can reduce pain and swelling and also strengthens the muscles and tendons that support the joint.  Plus, it has spiral lateral stays, a viscoelastic patella gel pad and elastic comfort bands to keep the knee sleeve in place.

Bauerfeind, a German company, is famous for German high quality engineering standards. You might say this is ‘the BMW’ of the knee sleeve world. In keeping with its high standards, it recommends careful measurement of your knee before ordering, since the proper fit is necessary to maximize the benefits of this product. See its Amazon listing for specific details on sizing.



  • This knee support blends Silicon Omega pads for a pressure free Patella and intermittent soft joint compression to help support the knee.
  • Comes in two colors, black and white
  • Has 7 different sizes which should fit almost all people’s needs
  • The combination of special fabric, patella pad and side stabilizers gives both great support and protection, while allowing flexibility
  • The materials are lightweight, breathable, comfortable and Machine washable


  • This product is one of the most expensive options.
  • It is design specifically for basketball players, so it may not be suitable in all situations, especially for more severe injuries or chronic conditions


The Bauerfeind GenuTrain NBA Knee Brace medical grade level compression is important. Sometimes, compression knee sleeves are too weak to do any good or, in contrast, are so strong it leads to more stress.  It is unusual to see a significant national sports association, such as the National Basketball Athletic Trainers Association endorse a product.

That, plus the high reputation of the German sports manufacturing company, Bauerfeind, caused me to include this product in this series of reviews, despite the fact that it has a relatively low number of Amazon reviews.

For more information on product detail or sizing, go here.


Meniscus, Cartilage, Ligaments, and Tendons

knee brace review

Interior of the knee, normal vs torn meniscus

ACL and MCL ligaments and tendons connect the bones to each other, and along with muscle result in our moving all of our limbs, fingers, feet and so on. They can all break down or simply break.

The meniscus is a pillow type tissue that cushions the bones from impact while running, jumping and so on. Cartilage is rubbery tissue that covers the bone ends, to allow for smooth motion. All of these can get injured or simply wear out.


Why Use Compression Knee Sleeves?

You should use a compression knee sleeve:(1)

  • To protect the knees from stress, that is, prevention of wear and tear. This may be during workouts, athletics, tennis, skiing, running, and so on. You see many basketball players using compression knee sleeves,
  • To deal with soreness or knee pain. This can be the result of either short term minor injury, such as sprains, strains, or overuse.
  • If you injured yourself, and have acute knee pain.
  • After an operation to give your knee support as it recovers.
  • However, serious illness or injury are beyond the scope of this article.

    Baron Davis wears a knee compression sleeveguarding Kobe Bryant during basketball. Courtesy of Kobe Bryant Wikimedia commons

    Baron Davis Wears a Compression Knee Sleeve on his left leg while guarding Kobe Bryant

Consultation a medical professional–such as a orthopedist, physical therapist, chiropractor or alternative medical practitioner. The knee compression sleeves reviewed here are for general use. Please don’t consider them to be ‘medical devices’, and no medical advise is intended here.


Interior of knee showing normal vs frayed arthritic cartilage

See the frayed cartilage. A sign of worn out knees


How Many Compression Knee Sleeves, Braces, and Supports Are There?

There are literally thousands of compression knee sleeves available, many of them quite good. A recent check of a search for ‘knee compression sleeves’ at the Amazon USA site, showed 4 THOUSAND knee compression sleeves to choose from. See for yourself by clicking here.

We’re going to look at 4 compression knee sleeves and knee compression braces. Choose any one of them and you won’t go wrong. The first 3 are for general use and are used by  people who exercise. They also are useful for people with moderate knee discomfort, for the reasons stated above. The fourth one is more expensive and, perhaps more suitable professional sports or for more serious situations. For the details, read on.