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Calcium and Vitamin C Together


Vitamin C is famous for its health benefits that reach your whole body, while calcium strengthens your bones and lowers the risk of getting osteoporosis. However, many minerals and vitamins cancel each other’s effects or cause adverse health reactions when mixed. So can you take calcium and vitamin C together? Read on to get your answer!

Vitamin C and Calcium Relationship

You can take selenium, zinc, or ferrous sulfate with vitamin C, but can you take calcium along with it? There’s no definite answer as it depends on your health and body needs. However, there’s a strong relationship between vitamin C and calcium. Vitamin C aids in calcium absorption in the gut, which means that your body will get efficient amounts of calcium and enjoy healthy bones.

Moreover, vitamin C has been associated with less bone loss in men. Osteoporosis is a common health issue that older people get, and it increases the risk of broken bones by a mile. As a result, you should maintain a daily dose of vitamin C for the health of your body and your bones.

Can I Take Vitamin C and Calcium Together?

According to the statement by, “No interactions were found between calcium/vitamin d and vitamin C. This does not necessarily mean no interactions exist. Always consult your healthcare provider.”

Does Vitamin C Enhance Calcium Absorption?

Unlike other vitamins and minerals, vitamin C and calcium don’t have known adverse effects if taken together. On the contrary, a study shows that vitamin C can maximize calcium absorption in your gut. The study tested vitamin C found in orange, parsley juices, and pepper, in particular. As a result, it may be thoughtful to drink a glass of orange juice with your calcium pill.

If you don’t like orange juice, you can look for alternate forms of vitamin C. For example, you can take liposomal vitamin C. It’s manufactured with the latest technologies to ensure maximum absorption and the highest dietary benefits.

In addition, vitamin C acts as a cofactor for vitamin D, which is a vital supplement for your bones. Vitamin D breaks down into an alternate form called calcitriol, which regulates calcium and calcifies your bones. However, it’s essential to take vitamin D supplements because its deficiency is quite common.

Vitamin C and Calcium Tablets

If you want to increase your calcium and vitamin C intake simultaneously without taking too many tablets, you can take calcium ascorbate. Calcium ascorbate is an alternate form of vitamin C that can treat deficiency and improve your overall health.

A vitamin C deficiency can cause many diseases like scurvy, which causes teeth loss and muscle weakness. While this deficiency isn’t common because vitamin C is present in many foods, it’s still present. Calcium ascorbate is also a beneficial form of vitamin C for sensitive stomachs. It helps in decreasing irritation and pain.

Moreover, calcium ascorbate contains enough calcium to benefit your bones and decrease the risk of getting bone loss disease.

To get the full benefit of calcium ascorbate, you should take a tablet daily one or two times. However, you should consult your doctor first if you’re taking any other pills because they may cause adverse interactions. Moreover, you shouldn’t break the tablet into two halves or chew it. If you don’t like swallowing pills, you can take the chewable form. Finally, it’d help if you take the tablets at the same time every day.

What Foods Have Both Calcium and Vitamin C?

To get the best of both worlds, you should take your dietary supplements and also improve your diet. It’d be best if you maintain a diet that’s rich in both calcium and vitamin C. Lucky for you, there are a lot of foods that contain both of them, and they’re all delicious.

First of all, spinach is one of the most famous foods with a generous amount of calcium and vitamin C. However, cooking spinach may drastically reduce its vitamin C content. As a result, you should either steam it to preserve the water-soluble vitamins or eat it fresh just like Popeye did!

Second of all, you can prepare a delicious kale smoothie in the morning. Kale contains vitamin c, calcium, vitamin E, vitamin K, and potassium, making it one of the most healthy foods. Finally, you can also add okra to your diet as it’s rich in many vitamins and minerals. 

To Wrap Up

Aside from the fact that vitamin C and calcium are both highly beneficial to your health, they’ve also been proven to affect each other positively. For example, vitamin C makes calcium absorption a smoother process in your gut. As a result, your bones will get their required daily dose of calcium.

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