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The best way to lose weight if you have bad knees is an exercise regime that will burn calories while protecting your knees. Many people with bad knees get advice to lose weight to take some pressure off their knees. This is generally true, and especially for people who have bone on bone knee pain pain.  Doctors often recommend weight loss to help reduce knee pain. However, it sometimes feels like a vicious cycle since the exercise ends up causing more pain. What to do?


Find suitable workouts for people with bad knees, decrease knee joint pain, and improve your mobility. One of the best things you can do for your knees—and the rest of your body—is exercise. Read on, and we’ll tell you how.

How to Exercise to Lose Weight if You Have Bad Knees

Many people fear the pain they anticipate to be coming if they exercise too much. It is natural to be afraid of trying to do something beneficial and then to wind up dealing with pain. One of the problems facing people with bad knees when they exercise is not knowing which exercises are the best option for their knee and joint issues.


Regular exercise is essential to your overall health, but it can be hard to stay committed to an exercise regimen when you have knee pain. We have good news! Here are a few ways you can ensure that exercise becomes a part of your daily life—and stays a part of it.

Low-Impact Exercise

Low-impact exercise is the best exercise for people with bad knees who want or need to lose weight. Rowing, biking on a stationary bike, and water aerobics are all low-impact options that provide you with a vigorous workout without risking damage to your knees. Effective low-impact exercising, such as you’ll get using a rowing machine, can deliver a hardy workout that will protect your knees from pain.


Sticking to an exercise routine is not as challenging when your exercises don’t cause pain to your joints. You’ll start to look forward to the workout and thus participate more. You’ll discover that you do not have to muddle through pain to get benefits from exercise.

Benefits of Low-Impact Exercise

Just because you are not running on a treadmill does not mean you are not getting the cardio that you need to burn calories. Low-impact exercise can be an excellent form of aerobic exercise. It delivers:

  • Improved stability to knee joints
  • Improved bone health
  • Improved balance
  • A feeling of wellness

Exercise is good for your mental health as well as your physical health, so if you can establish a low-impact exercise routine, you’ll find yourself happier, healthier, and with less knee pain.

A 30-Minute At-Home Workout to Lose Weight If You Have Bad Knees

It can be hard to find the time to go to a gym to use the equipment. It takes time to drive to the gym, find parking, get your gear together, and finally spend at least 30 minutes working out. Admittedly that can be very hectic, and unfortunately, “going to the gym” can slowly fall to the bottom of the list of things you regularly do because of the time crunch and hassle.


A 30-minute workout for bad knees on a  rowing machine can help you lose weight and improve your knee condition by strengthening surrounding muscles. The beauty of having a high-quality rowing machine at home is that you can always find time for your exercise.


Even the busiest people should be able to find 30 minutes a day for exercise, especially when it is convenient and at home. A rowing machine fits the bill perfectly as an effective low-impact exercise when you have bad knees and need to lose weight.

Benefits of Exercise With a Rowing Machine for Weight Loss with Bad Knees

A rowing machine comes with a wide range of benefits. Of course, this low-impact exercise will help you strengthen your body, increase your cardio, and burn calories to lose weight. Slimming down is not the only benefit. A rowing machine complete body workout:

  • Strengthens the muscles in your legs, including the quads, which is good for your knees
  • Strengthens the muscles in your upper body, including your back, which can help reduce back pain and knee pain
  • Strengthens your core, which helps to improve balance and posture and also distribute your weight more evenly across your body


Losing Weight Despite Your Sore Knees

You do not have to stop exercising because of knee pain. Among the many exercises you can find to help you burn calories, you’ll enjoy the many benefits of regular exercise. A low-impact rowing machine, as well as other low-impact activities, can relieve the pressure of your body weight on your knees. The secret is to find a routine and stick to it. As you lose the weight and strengthen your leg and thigh muscles, you’ll find your knee pain diminishing.




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